Singapore Art Museum SGP

In 1996 the first art museum in Singapore was open and SAM was born. The museum focuses on art from Singapore and SEA and holds a special place in my heart due it’s versatile, playful, mind boggling selection of art that will hold you in one place for more than five minutes and makes you awe.

I was fortunate enough to visit SAM beginning of 2017 whilst they were hosting exhibition called An Atlas of Mirrors which itself was hosting artists such as Deng Guoyuan, Han Sai Por, Agan Harahap, Qui Zhijie, Harumi Yukutake and H. H. Lim to name a few.

Art museums are great place where to wonder around and forget where you are, they are like movies that take you away from the dark screening room and immerse you into a land of possibilities.

Highly recommending where ever in the world you are to check out the art museums near you. You never know, when somebody else’s thoughts on a painting can liberate you to open your mind.

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