Gotokuji JPN

Tokyo is a place that many people visit numerous times, simply because the last time you went there the fish market was closed or the Sky Tree wasn’t ready or your jet lag was taking over your life. I’m happy to call myself one of those lucky ones who have visited the worlds biggest metropolis numerous times.

In one of my recent visits I run out of the usual touristy things to do and surfing around the web brought me to Gotokuji temple in the Setagaya-ku district. This Buddhist temple is dedicated to the maneki-neko, who’s birthplace it is believed to be and it is truly unique temple as you can see from the image. Why I’m adding it to this blog, why is it more that just a temple is because of it’s unique meaning. The maneki-neko is seen in most Japanese businesses because this little cat brings good luck and to dedicate a temple for something that brings you good luck is just a very pure act of respect. I’m attaching an article from the Japanese Times for the ones who take interest in the history of this place.

If you would like to visit, keep in mind that the temple is open from 6AM until 6PM everyday, the entrance is free and the address is  〒154-0021 Tokyo, 世田谷区Gotokuji, 2−24−7, type that into Google maps and it will find the most convenient way for you to reach this little oasis.

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