More Than Just a Cafe. Suur Muna

As this is going to be the first More Than Just a Cafe I’m turning your attention to my beautiful homeland Estonia.
In the deep south there is a place called Suur Munamägi, which translates into a Big Egg mountain. Now to be clear 318 meters doesn’t count as a mountain but I advise you to play along.

It takes ones breath away to walk up the mountain and once you have reached the last steps of the observational tower its going to happen again, because the views are stunning. Now that you have seen this gorgeous sites it’s time to settle your stomach with some delicious food and although you might think that you are in the middle of nowhere, that is usually the place where magic lies.

Suur Muna cafe waits for you Monday to Saturday 10.00-21.00 and Sundays from 10.00-18.00(check for fall/winter season) and it’s just where you parked your car in the Kose-Käbli road. The menu isn’t as wide but it will surely satisfy your tastebuds if you are into that.

Now what makes this place special isn’t only the homemade food, location, high quality, very kind and lovely staff but something you will only find out once you go to the second floor bathroom. Not to give it all away it includes ABBA and disco lights and the rest you need to go and find out for yourself.

Follow Suur Muna in their Instagram and get inspired to visit Võru prefecture.


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